About Me

Mitchell Creasey

Executive Coach

Raised by the real life Dharma and Greg, I had experienced every alternative healing method known to man by the time I was 16. Some years later, when my father, the CFO of a publicly traded company collapsed in his office after suffering a severe anxiety attack, I decided to move my ten-plus years of coaching experience from the gym to the boardroom. There I started translating every mindful concept my mother had taught me into a language and set of tools that everyone from senior leaders to employees could use to trade burnout, career stall, or severe overwhelm for inspired output, and both personal and professional fulfillment. I haven’t looked back since.


Executive Effectiveness Training

How can you do your best work when you spend sun-up to sun-down in state of panic or overwhelm? How can you effectively guide, encourage, or help those you’re supposed to when you feel burnt out, at wits-end, or on the brink of losing your mind anytime something doesn’t go your way?

The answer is you can’t.

Executive Effectiveness Training is a twelve week, one-on-one course designed to teach you how to move through all that stuff so you can operate at your highest level and effectively lead others regardless of what’s going on around you, or what’s happening between your ears.

You will learn how to:

Operate at your highest-level

Become a beacon of strength for your team

Live in a fulfilled, balanced state

The Resourceful Human Workshop

Teach your staff how to be resourceful humans! In this half-day workshop they will learn how to recognize, act, and make decisions based on truth instead of thought, emotion, habit, memory, or influence from those around them.

When everyone acts from a place of truth, each individual embodies their full talent potential, and the best business solutions emerge with the least amount of headaches or drama in the process.

Your team will find themselves with:

More confidence

Less stress

A greater sense of unity


Recharge is a playful, eye-opening keynote that gives those suffering from frustration, burnout, or professional exasperation nine tools to help reignite their spark and restore their direction and purpose.

In it, your guests will learn how to:

Gain perspective

Find balance and direction

Discover simple solutions

Success Stories

There are a lot of moving parts in my life. All of which make me feel like I’m in two different places at once. Mitch taught me how to stay present wherever I am, and embrace the challenges that come my way rather than fearing them.

Lindsay Weatherdon | President, Concord National Ontario/Quebec Divisions

Mitch has given me the confidence to put myself first, and my performance at work has been better because of it.


It was a pleasure to work with Mitch. Mitch has the unique ability to identify key aspects of my personality and give me great personalized ideas to deal with some of my most challenging situations. For many of my meetings I felt I may have been too busy to attend and considered cancelling. I never did and each and every meeting was fruitful and fulfilling. I never regretted any time I spent with Mitch. I would recommend Mitch to everyone.

Jim Firth, P.Eng. Associate. CF Crozier and Associates, Consulting Engineers

Working with Mitch helped me develop a new perspective at work and home life. He was a pleasure to work with due to his friendly and positive attitude. Mitch tailored his program to focus on areas where I needed and wanted improvement. His methods allowed me to think outside the conventional ‘box’ and he provided simple exercises where I learned to apply new techniques. I now find myself in a more calm, proactive, resourceful state of mind when solving issues and communicating with others.

I would recommend Mitch for anyone wanting to gain a fresh perspective on how to proactively and productively manage time and tasks, and increase the development of new ideas.

The benefits I have received from this program far exceed the initial investment.

Sherry Stevenson, HBA, PMP, Client Support at ArcherPoint