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“I started as a director. Now I am the President of the company”

“I can sleep again!”

“I stopped drinking.”

“Life changing!”

“I’m pretty sure Mitch is psychic…”

“In ten days my resting heart rate dropped 6 beats per minute.”

“I was a regional manager. Now I am a national director.”

“Before I was self-conscious. Now I am totally confident in a room full of strangers.”

“My doctor is now letting me ween off my anxiety meds!”

“I turned down two dream jobs to start my own international business with my wife.”

“I don’t yell at my team anymore. Now I treat them like people.”

Thank You

Thank you for saying yes.
To the little voice inside you
that told you you could.
That said your dream was possible.
That great things were for you.
The yes that led you to all your experiences and accomplishments.
That led you to every person you’ve ever helped and inspired.
But we both know you’re not done.
The platform that was once your pinnacle is now your starting point for your highest purpose.
And what I know is that there is nothing to fix, avoid, or perfect in order to realize it.
Only a decision.
A yes.
Just like the one you made before.
To step into the highest version of yourself.
To become what you know you came here to be.
To embody your purpose, and to realize what you’re truly capable of.
And I for one cannot wait to see what that looks like.
– Mitch

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